Stringing a bow

Always use a bow-stringer to string and de-string your bow. The bowstring included has one loop which has a larger diameter than the other. Place the larger loop over the top limb and slide it down toward the riser. Place the smaller loop into the grove of the bottom limb tip and then pull the upper end of the string tight by hand. It will not reach the end of the bow tip at this point.

Place one end of the bow stringer over the lower limb tip. Place the other end over the upper limb tip, but set in a spot on the limb where it doesn’t interfere with the bowstring. I.e the recurve part of a recurve limb. Holding the bow by the handle, place it out in front of you, parallel to the ground. A loop in the stringer should hang down. Lower the bow until you can step on the loop in the stringer and pull the bow upward. This will cause the bow to flex and you will be able to slide the upper end of the bowstring into the grove at the end of the upper limb tip. When you make sure the bowstring is seated firmly within the upper and lower limb tip groves, the bow is then properly strung. If you have not seen our how to video on how to use a bow stringer please email and request a free link.