All of Aspect’s bows are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase to the original owner only. The finish is not covered by this warranty. A dated receipt is needed for warrant coverage, which also includes the purchase (or proof of ownership) of a bow stringer, as we will not warranty bows that have been strung by other methods. This is because stringing a bow without a bow stringer is almost guaranteed to cause limb twist, especially with less experienced archers. Evidence of abuse or misuse and non-factory modification or the use of attachments or accessories resulting in damage or undue stress will void all warranty claims, whether expressed or implied by this warranty. The bows owner is responsible for the shipping cost to return the bow under warranty.  Aspect Archery Ltd will diagnose and remedy the issue within the terms of this warranty and return the repaired/replaced bow at our cost. Archery is a dangerous sport, and accidents either intentional or not intentional can happen. We only advise people shoot once appropriately trained and in a safe environment. We are not responsible for any injuries incurred while shooting, including equipment malfunctions. The purchaser or user accepts by act of purchasing this bow, that they have read and acknowledge these terms and conditions. Archery is an inherently dangerous activity, the purchaser assuming all risks and liability holds Aspect Archery Ltd, or any subsidiary thereof (as at 2020) harmless against all claims arising from the use of this equipment.