About us

Here at Aspect Outdoors Ltd we are passionate archers, hunters and love the outdoors in general. I have run this business since 2014 because I am an experienced archer who enjoys getting people into archery, and providing them with great advice and equipment. I do however, run this business in addition to a full time job and it is mainly as a service to the archery community, especially in Christchurch where our options for sourcing bows and getting reliable information are limited. My main job is as a scientific researcher where I manage my own team of researchers who specialize in human genetics and epigenetic modifications to the human genome. I am also a keen photographer, a farmer, a diver and I love nothing more than being in the mountains skiing. This is why I also make high quality custom skis that perform at the upper end of what you can purchase in the market. I try to keep these business to a manageable level where I can provide a high quality service.