Safety warnings

Never dry-fire your bow, that is never pull back the string and release it when there is no arrow nocked.

A mishandled bow, arrow or bowstring may result in serious injury, or possibly death.

Bows and arrows are not toys and should be treated as if they were a firearm. For safe handling of dangerous weapons we recommend familiarizing yourself with the safety precautions outlined in the NZ firearms code:

Failure to follow instructions and safety warning could result in serious or fatal inuuries to the user or nearby people.

The user’s parent and/or the user MUST read, understand and adhere to the following safety instructions and warnings:

Always point the bow and arrow in a safe direction, down-range or at the targets intended to be shot

Never face your bow and arrow at a human whether intentionally or accidentally

Never direct your bow or shoot towards a human being, pet or permit someone to hold a target for you

Never run with a bow or while carrying arrows

Store in a safe place out of reach of children

Make sure the area behind your target is clear and free of obstacles that may cause arrows to bounce or be deflected

Be sure no one is standing in front of, to the side of or behind the target while an archer is shooting or drawing a bow.

Be sure all persons stand behind the archer while shooting

Always inspect your equipment before shooting

Replace your bowstring when it becomes warn or frayed.

Shoot only at a suitable target material with an appropriate backstop. Shoot only from a distance where an archer is assured to hit the intended target. Start close and work backwards as you improve.

Always use care when puling arrows from a target. Arrows can come out rapidly and a surprising number of injuries have been caused to the person removing the arrow by pulling it towards them, or poking somebody standing behind them.

Always make sure you pull your arrows straight out of the target with one hand placed firmly on the target and one hand pulling the arrow. Ensure the shaft is not bent at an angle when removing as this may weaken the carbon.

The buyer and user of this product acknowledges that this is a potentially dangerous product that can inflict serious or fatal injury.