Assembling your bow

Your bow comes in three pieces, the riser and two limbs. A bow string and rest are also likely to be included. Each limb will be marked with either Upper or Lower on the belly of the bow, or one limb will contain branded markings such as model, draw weight etc. These marking determine which limb goes on the upper or lower of the riser. The limbs must be attached to the riser such that the writing is the correct orientation for reading by the archer as they hold the grip ready for shooting.

The limb bolt might consist of two pieces, a tapered allen key bolt and a brass bezel. To properly install it, the bolt should slide through the brass bezel in the limb hole to engage the threads in the riser. Once the bolt is engaged with the riser threading, use a hex wench to completely screw it in, using hand tight strength. Do not use excessive force to finish tightening the bolt. Repeat this process for the lower limb and your bow is now ready to be strung.

To disassemble the bow for travel or storage, you must first unstring the bow, following the directions below in reverse. Then, simply remove the limb bolts completely to take down the rest of the bow.